Blender Bottle

This article will answer why a Blender Bottle can be an excellent addition to your next workout.

With seemingly endless water bottle options available on the market, it is no surprise that many gymgoers find themselves overwhelmed when it comes to selecting the perfect water bottle. This can be a particular challenge for exercisers who like to add pre- or post-workout shakes to their routine. Adding nutritional supplements, protein powders, and other thick add-ins that can easily clog up traditional water bottles. Blender Bottles have become a favorite go-to bottle, gaining a massive following since the year 2000. But what is so special about these unique bottles?

What is A Blender Bottle?

Blender Bottles are a type of specialized shaker cup that allow users to add protein powders, meal replacement powders, nutritional supplements, and other add-ins to their drinks or shakes without requiring the use of a blender or other bulky equipment. The bottles feature the patented Blender Bottle wire whisk, a stainless steel ball that mixes in add-ins with no spills or added mess. Users can then drink the blended mix out of the same bottle they mixed it in, so there are no wasteful use of multiple dishes or appliances needed to make your morning drink.


Top 5 Best Blender Bottle Models

Blender Bottles now come in a wide variety of styles.  Thus ensuring that there is a type of bottle that meets the needs of everyone. A few of the most popular models include:

  1. Classic: Available in a variety of colors ranging from clear to electric blue.  The classic design features a new, rounded base to ensure better mixing.  The Blender Bottle’s characteristic Spout Guard that keeps the bottle’s mouthpiece clean throughout all day use. This classic model comes in 20oz, 28oz, and 45oz sizes.
  2. Pro Series: Since 2016, the Blender Bottle Pro Series has featured pro-grade and top-of-the-line materials as an upgraded version of the line’s classic model. The Pro Series of Blender Bottle comes in 24oz, 28oz, and 32oz sizes.
  3. Strada: The Strada model of Blender Bottle is an insulated, stainless-steel shaker bottle that features a twist-open top. This bottle’s design ensures that it easily opens and closes without fears of spills or other messes. The Strada model comes in a 24oz size.
  4. Mantra: The Mantra model of Blender Bottle is the line’s only model with an all-glass body and spout. It comes with a twist-on cap, as well as the line’s standard Blender Ball whisk.
  5. Licensed Designs: For gymgoers looking to show off their favorite movies or characters, Blender Bottle offers a line of bottles featuring officially licensed designs. These include Harry Potter, Disney, Star Wars, Marvel, DC, and other well-known and well-loved characters.


Blender Bottles and Your Fitness Routine

Blender Bottles are an excellent addition to any fitness routine.  Especially for exercisers who are looking to add nutritional supplements or other additions to their pre- or post-workouts. In particular, Blender Bottles are useful for your fitness adventures as they assist you in:

  • Bringing your pre- or post-workout drinks on the go. One of the greatest advantages to using a Blender Bottle is no longer being tied to a traditional electric blender or other mixer.  The handheld design of the Blender Bottle lets you take your shakes with you.
  • Ensuring that every bit of your added supplements is mixed into your drink. Mixing your add-ins into your drink using other methods can easily result in improper mixing, separating, or otherwise unpleasant results that can prevent you from taking in the full benefits of your nutritional shakes. The Blender Bottle’s patented whisk helps to guarantee all your ingredients are easily mixed in your bottle.
  • Guaranteeing you are using a bottle with safe ingredients. Unfortunately many water bottles on the market use plastics and other materials that contain BPA and phthalates, toxic chemicals that can have a negative effect on your overall health. A Blender Bottle can help you avoid this, as the bottles are guaranteed to be free of these toxins and to be made of only the highest-quality materials.


Final Thoughts

No matter which style of Blender Bottle you choose, these unique bottles will elevate your fitness routine. Hopefully, this article helps you make your final Blender Bottle selection.


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