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Let’s be honest, when you search for home gyms in Amazon, the Weider Home Gym looks like every other piece of equipment.  But, when you take a closer look at the options, the Weider product line starts to look more enticing.  Luckily, your friends at ReviewExercisePrograms.com did all the dirty work, completed the research and published this article.  Let’s dive in!

Weider Home Gym 2980 X

The Weider Home Gym 2980 X is a six station system made out of durable steel tubes.  It has an 80 lb. vinyl weight stack with a 300 lb. weight capacity and up to 214 lbs. of total resistance.  The innovative pulley system allows the home gym to become a total body training beast. The durable construction along with the fluid motion of the pulley allows you to train anything from your chest and back to shoulders and arms.  The flexibility offered by the 2980 X is something to take note of: you have complete control over your workout.

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Because you can easily work every major muscle group, the Weider home gym means you get the most efficient use of your workout time (hey, the free exercise chart included with the package helps a little too!) while also getting the best bang for your buck.  Oh, by the way, the leg developer extension ensures you never miss leg day!

weider home gym


The Fine Print (Technical Specs)


  • Length: 65 inches, Width: 37 inches, Height: 76 inches
  • Item Weight ‎180 Pounds
  • Model Name ‎WESY1938


  • 80 lb vinyl Weight Stack
  • Chest Fly System
  • Four Roll Leg Developer
  • Cable-pulley system provides up to 214 lbs of resistance.
  • Vinyl Sewn Seat for easy cleaning
  • Preacher Pad
  • Ankle strap with handle.
  • Exercise chart.

Assembly – You’ve Been Warned:

You do need to assemble the Weider Home Gym 2980 X yourself.  While there aren’t a large number of individual components, there are a loft of nuts and bolts used for assembly (there better be – this thing is built to last).  The package does include a 33-step manual that will walk you through assembly.  With a few wrenches, screwdrivers (flathead and Philips) and some determination, the assembly process should be pretty quick (re: a couple hours).

ReviewExercisePrograms.com Verdict

The Weider Home Gym packs a lot of punch in this price range.  It’s small space means that you get set up quickly and not have to remodel an entire room if you don’t want to.  Quality competitors in this category are $100-$300 higher than this machine.  Having six unique stations provides versatility extremely hard to find in this price range.  It’s solid construction will make your friends think you paid double.

Now to be fair, you aren’t going to be posting insane deadlifts on YouTube with this machine.  The relatively low weight stakc limit doesn’t really allow for it.  If you are a bigger guy or gal, this machine may be a little less than ideal.  The small footprint of the machine is the hinderance to those of bigger ilk.  The machine itself is pretty heavy weighing in at just under 200 lbs, but at the end of the day, your there to gain muscle and strength so these machines really don’t need to be feather light.

Your bang for buck with this home gym is exceptional.

Complementary Products

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