5 Best Muscle Recovery Supplements

Your body needs time to rest and repair the damage done from strenuous fitness training. Muscle recovery supplements can help your body make the most out of downtime reduce soreness and inflammation. When you want to push through grueling training days to keep getting results, adding supplements can be a solid solution.  

How Do Muscle Recovery Supplements Work?

Supplements work by delivering minerals and nutrients to combat inflammation, increase protein synthesis, provide fast-digesting carbs, add volume to your muscle cells, and regenerate ATP (energy). In turn, you can see better performance in the gym, increased muscle mass, blood flow, and endurance levels.

One of the most important aspects of recovery supplementation, aside from delivering key micronutrients, is making sure the supplements are easily digestible.  Digestion is key to your body achieving maximum absorption. It’s pointless spending money on something to aid recovery if your body can’t digest it well.  Alternatively, it seems counterproductive if the supplements leave you feeling bloated or sluggish afterward. If you’re not digesting it, you’re not getting your money’s worth.

Are Supplements Safe To Use?

There will always be controversy over whether a supplement is deemed safe. It’s important that you research the company you are purchasing from and the standards that they value. You’ll want to make sure your receiving quality products with the best ingredients you can afford. Some companies pack their products with fillers like silicon dioxide and vegetable gum or animal by-products like duck feathers.

You’ll want to know what their manufacturing process is and what kind of facility they manufacture it in. Some of the more reputable companies take pride in their procedure and share videos of the process they use on YouTube and their social media pages. Poor manufacturing conditions can cause product contamination. When you’re tempted to save money on certain supplements remember that the quality of the ingredients and manufacturing process are figured into the cost. Make sure the brand you are selecting aligns with the type of quality you are searching for.


5 Best Supplements for Muscle Recovery

1. Hydra-Charge from Kaged Muscle 

Provides you with 5 essential electrolytes, sodium, magnesium, phosphorous, calcium, and potassium. Provides anti-oxidant support with their SPECTRA blend, consisting of herbs, fruits, and vegetables. Your body can not recover if it’s not properly hydrated. Hydration is responsible for all cellular activity, optimal organ function, and circulation. You can drink on this throughout the day for anabolic effects.

2. Orgain Organic Protein Powder

This is a pea/rice protein powder that has excellent absorption and digestive properties. Some people may experience bloating, painful gas, and cramping when taking whey or casein products and this makes a great substitute. This holds especially true for people with autoimmune diseases, poor gut health like SIBO, or histamine intolerances.

3. BCAA from 1st Phorm

This product is loaded with amino acids and vitamins that are easily absorbed. In order to get the most absorption possible from certain vitamins, it helps if the vitamin has been methylated in the formula. Methylation activity is responsible for several functions in the body in correlation with the nervous, immune, and cardiovascular systems. It can be on the lower end if you suffer from adrenal fatigue, thyroid issues, depression, anxiety, IBS, and poor sleep. Finding a BCAA formula where their ingredients have already been methylated means you’re more likely to get the full benefits.

4. GNC AMP Creatine HCl 189

Creatine is arguably the most controversial supplement on the market. Our bodies actually produce a steady supply of creatine all on their own but the bigger you get the more you’ll need and the body can’t always keep up with that demand. By adding a supplement like this you’ll see improved performance and recovery times because it will keep your creatine levels high and your muscles full. This brand actually has some impressive double-blind studies, meaning neither the scientists conducting the study nor the participants knew who was in the control group versus the test group. You can view those results on the description page at this link  https://www.gnc.com/creatine-1/GNCAMPCreatineHCl189.html

5. PhytoMulti by Metagenics

This is probably not the supplement that comes to mind when you think of muscle recovery but it is possibly the most important. One look at the ingredient profile and you will notice it’s loaded with micronutrients and they are of the best quality. This is actually Practitioner Exclusive – meaning you’ll need a Practitioner from their network to order it for you, or you can dig around on the internet and find third-party suppliers. This supplement is loaded with the best organic fruits, vegetables, and herbs your body could ask for. It’s made for digestion and comes from one of the most reputable companies in the industry.

Supplement Ingredient Warnings

Look on the packaging for certifications like BSCG, NSF, and USP.  These certifications likely mean there are no banned substances in the product and they contain exactly what the label lists. Be aware of any substances you can’t take such as alfalfa for autoimmune conditions like lupus, IGF-1 for military and DoD personnel, and banned substances by certain bodybuilding and powerlifting federations. Notice any added stimulants that you may not want. Some people have increased sensitivity to certain stimulants resulting in headaches and nervousness. Know what you can take and be sure to read the labels.

Everyone evaluates their must-have supplement list differently. The important thing to consider is that it’s a well-rounded list and you cover all your bases. You push yourself to your limits in training and your body needs recovery supplements with quality ingredients from a trusted source so you can get back to the grind.


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