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There are a variety of different statistics out there that claim to tell us how much water we need to drink in a day to stay healthy and hydrated. Some doctors say 64 oz, or 8 cups, is the perfect amount. Others say the number is higher – as much as 11.5 cups for adult women and 15.5 cups for adult men.


Regardless of which statistic you aim to meet, remembering to keep up with your daily water intake can be a challenge. However, new lines of innovative smart water bottles have arisen.  Unlike blender bottles, these products promise to help even the most forgetful of water drinkers to remember to meet their daily goals. But what is a smart water bottle, and which bottle do we recommend to help you meet your daily water needs?

What is a Smart Water Bottle?

Smart water bottles are new innovative takes on the classic water bottle.  They are designed to track a variety of statistics related to your overall hydration and fitness. They do this largely through Bluetooth syncing with mobile apps you can easily download on your phone, allowing you to keep track of your progress anytime, anywhere.

How Many Cups is 24 oz?

If you are looking for a quick conversion of 24 oz to cups, it would be equal to about 3 cups of water. A conversion of 24 oz to lbs. would equal about 1.5lbs.  24 oz to ml converts to 710 ml.


4 Benefits of a Smart Water Bottle

There are many reasons why these bottles have become fan favorites, but here are a few reasons why smart water bottles are a beneficial addition to your daily routine:

  • They can remind you to drink your daily intake of water. If you have a tendency to forget about your water bottle as you go about your day, these bottles are the answer. Smart bottles often have added features to gently remind you to drink up – either through the use of glow lights or by sending a notification to your phone.
  • They track your water intake. With these bottles, you no longer have to try and remember how much water you have had on a daily basis. One of the greatest benefits of these bottles is that they keep track of the total volume of liquid you have drank in a given day, even if you refill the bottle multiple times. You can even use the app to set your own daily goals for how hydrated you would like to be.
  • They can connect to your existing tech. These technologically savvy bottles generally connect to your phone or other devices via a Bluetooth connection, meaning that no special technology is required to operate them beyond common technologies that most people already have.
  • They are visible at night. One of the seldom talked about benefits of a LED water bottle is their ability to be visible even in the dimmest of light. This is because these bottles tend to be illuminated by built in LED lights, guaranteeing that you will always be able to find your bottle – whether you choose to run in the early hours of the morning or just want to keep it on your bedside table at night.


HidrateSpark 3 Berry – $59.95 from: Hidrate

Our Recommendation: Hidrate Spark 3, the Ultimate Smart Water Bottle

They Hidrate Spark 3 has quickly risen to the top of the smart water bottle market, and for good reason. Hidrate makes one of the highest quality bottles available.  Especially for people who find themselves needing consistent reminders to keep up with their hydration goals.


How Does the Hidrate Spark 3 Work?

Its built-in sensor stick allows the Hidrate Spark 3 to track your water intake. It then communicates this information via Bluetooth to the Hidrate Spark App, which users can download onto their mobile phones. As an LED water bottle, the Hidrate Spark 3 even glows gently with an ambient light.  This reinforces the need to continue drinking to meet your goals.


Is the Hidrate Spark Safe?

Absolutely! The Hidrate Spark 3 is made of a lightweight, BPA free Tritan plastic – guaranteeing that your bottle is free of these toxic chemicals. This innovative bottle is covered with a silicone sleeve to improve your grip.  Thus, reducing the risk of accidental droppage that can come from condensation on the exterior of the bottle.

Hidrate’s full line of smart bottles come in a variety of sizes. The Spark 3 model comes in a 20oz option, while other models come in sizes anywhere from 17 oz. to 24 oz. and up.


Final Thoughts

If you have a tendency to forget to drink your daily amount of water, you are not alone. But there is hope! Using a smart bottle such as these is the perfect way to nudge yourself towards meeting those important hydration goals, no matter how hectic your day-to-day life happens to be. As you make your final decision, be sure to refer back to this guide for all the helpful information you need to choose the best water bottle for you.


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