Letsfit Smart Watch

Is it Time to Consider a Letsfit Smart Watch?

A good smart watch does more than just tell the time, though that is an obvious feature they offer. But the Letsfit smart watch do so much more. In fact, a quality smart watch is like having a personal assistant on your wrist at all times. From everything from giving notifications for incoming phone calls and text messages on the go; to tracking your daily activity and movements, heart rate, and sleep quality; a smart watch is guaranteed to make your day-to-day life easier.

With each passing year, more and more technologies become available that exist to improve our overall quality of life. ‘Work smarter, not harder’ has become the mantra of our generation, and these new technologies offer us many opportunities to just that. Here are some ways you can harness smart technologies to reduce your overall stress and make your life easier.

Our Top Smart Watch Picks

If you are looking for a quality smart watch without breaking the bank, look no further.  Consider choosing one of the following smart watches:

letsfits smart watch

  • LETSCOM ID206 Smart Watch – with Amazon Alexa Support If you are looking for a smart watch that can do it all, this is the option for you! This Letsfit smart watch comes with Amazon Alexa support that enables you to access the latest news or weather information with a command, while also controlling all of your home’s smart devices with ease. The watch also provides all-day tracking of your fitness, heart rate, blood oxygen levels, and sleep patterns.  All while giving you intelligent data on its extra large 1.69″ LCD screen.


  • LETSCOM ID205L Smart Watch: For an intermediate model with a pop of color, this watch is for you. This Letsfit smart watch comes with a 1.3″ LCD touchscreen and is the perfect assistant to track your daily activity levels, sleep, and heart rates. It also provides notifications for incoming calls and messages, and can even warn you when you’ve been sitting too long and need to get up and move!


  • LETSCOM ID115PHR Health + Fitness Tracker: For a more streamline model of watch, this Letsfit smart watch is the perfect option. But don’t let its size fool you! This watch contains all the useful health, fitness, and message notifications characteristic of a quality smart watch, just in a sleeker package.

Tune Out The World With Letsfit Earbuds

Sometimes the noise of the work can be a source of stress and irritation as you go about your day. Tuning out this noise while listening to your favorite music is an excellent way to fix this, and a quality pair of earbuds will go a long way towards doing so.

Our Top Letsfit Earbuds Picks

If you are considering a new pair of earbuds, we recommend you consider these options:


  • Letsfit T20 Bluetooth Wireless Sport Earbuds with Mic: Looking for a stylish and unobtrusive earbud? These may be for you. These low-profile Bluetooth earbuds fit securely into the ear, providing 4-5 hours of listening time per charge. An added benefit – these earbuds are microphone-equipped, allowing you to talk on the phone or activate voice commands for smart tech from wherever you are.


  • Letsfit T15 True Wireless Earbuds: A simple yet classic design, these earbuds are a slim and sleek option that easily work for an on-the-go lifestyle. Capable of up to 5 continuous hours of play time per charge, these Bluetooth earbuds are guaranteed to help you drown out the sounds of the world.


  • Letsfit U8L Sports Headphones: These earbuds feature the added support of ear-hooks, to ensure they stay secure no matter what your day-to-day life entails. Perfect for even the most active lifestyles, these Letsfit earbuds are water-resistant against rain and sweat, making them perfect for music lovers who enjoy running, biking, or even hiking.




Get Better Sleep With a Letsfit White Noise Machine

Ongoing sleep disruptions can lead to everything from memory issues to trouble concentrating.  On the extreme end, deprivation can lead to a weakened immune system or weight gain. Adding a white noise machine to your nightly bedtime routine can help to improve your overall sleep quality by keeping night-time noises from disrupting your sleep, using calming sounds to override any disturbances.


Our Top Letsfit White Noise Machine Picks

If you are looking for a white noise machine to help improve your sleep, consider one of the following:

letsfit sound machine

  • Letsfit SP1 Sound Machine With Sunrise Alarm: One of the sleekest sound machines on the market, this Letsfit white noise machine has 20 sounds and 6 ambient light options to help sooth you while sleeping. Unlike many white noise machines, however, this option also doubles as a sunrise alarm clock that can be snoozed touch-free with just a wave of your hand.


  • Letsfit TP2 Sound Machine: For a simpler option, this Letsfit white noise machine gives you 20 soothing sounds, 7 nightlight color options, and a digital clock face that enables you to use the sunrise alarm features that are built-in.


  • Letsfit T2 Portable Sound Machine: Life doesn’t always give us the opportunity to sleep in the comfort of our own homes. If you live a life on-the-go, consider a portable option like this Letsfit white noise machine. With 20 sounds ranging from sea waves to lullabies, this travel-friendly and home-friendly option is a perfect multi-purpose model.



Final Thoughts

We live in a world with a multitude of technologies to help make our lives easier. Consider the many ways that harnessing technologies like a smart watch, white noise machine, or even a simple pair of ear buds can enrich yours. Be sure to refer back to this page as you make your choice, for our best advice and quality products.


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Keto Coffee – Calories in Coffee

The keto diet has taken the world by storm.  The diet promises to help people lose weight by sticking to a low-carb, high fat meal plan. With the rise in popularity of this diet practice has come a host of new recipes for dieters to try, perhaps most famously the new trend of drinking keto coffee. But what exactly is keto coffee?

lemon zest

This article will explain the ins and outs of keto coffee, and why adding fat into your morning beverage is actually considered a good thing within the keto diet. Additionally it will take a look at how the calories in keto coffee compare to the calories in coffee with other add-ins, touching on exactly why it is that this unique beverage could be the next healthy addition to your diet.


What is Keto Coffee?

Keto coffee, also known as “bulletproof coffee,” is a version of the beloved morning beverage that fits within the parameters of the keto diet. The keto diet (also known as the ketogenic diet), is a diet that prioritizes eating low-carbohydrate foods while also consuming lots of healthy fats and a moderate amount of protein. With this, many keto dieters find themselves looking for ways to incorporate healthy fats into the foods and drinks they are consuming – which is where keto coffee comes into play.


In a nutshell, keto coffee is regular coffee that has had fat added to it. These fats tend to come from sources like coconut oil, MCT oil, butter, or even ghee – a highly concentrated form of butter, also known as “butterfat.” Since traditional coffee add-ins like milk, coffee creamer, and sugar don’t always fit into the keto diet, adding in these sources of healthy fat is a way to soften the bitterness of regular coffee without disrupting your diet.


Keto Coffee vs. Regular Coffee:

Keto and regular coffee start out the same, but become seemingly different drinks entirely based on what is added to them. Keto coffee in general will always have healthy fats added to it, whereas regular coffee will not. However, regular coffee commonly has creamers, sugars, syrups, or other additions added in. With all of the possibilities for modifications to your morning coffee, how do keto coffee and regular coffee compare to one another calorie-wise?

Calorie Comparison:

In general, the calories in coffee amount to around 1 calorie per cup, making regular coffee an almost zero-calorie food. But it is the additions that will raise the calories of this common breakfast drink across the board.


The calories in coffee with cream alone added amount to around 58 calories per cup, if around two tablespoons of light cream are added. Meanwhile, there can be as many as 70 or more calories in coffee creamer that has added sweeteners or sugar.


Keto coffee rarely contains anything beyond just the added healthy fats. Even then, these healthy fats can result in a cup of keto coffee having 250 calories or more. Between the options of coconut oil, butter, or ghee, butter tends to add the fewest calories to keto coffee.


6 Benefits of Keto Coffee

Keto coffee may have more calories than traditional coffee, but dieters still flock to drink their bulletproof coffee every morning with breakfast. Why? Because of the many overall benefits that keto coffee offers for their dieting lifestyle. These benefits include:

keto coffee

  1. Energy Boosting Effects

    Starting off the day with a cup of keto coffee can help give a burst of energy to start the day off on a positive note. Not only does coffee itself have a powerful dose of caffeine, Keto coffee in particular carries enough fats and calories alone to help hold you over throughout a considerable portion of the day.

  2. Aid to Weight Loss Goals

    Starting the day off with a keto coffee is not just a zero-carb option that support the keto diet. Drinking this special coffee can also help with weight loss goals by suppressing your appetite. For keto dieters who reach ketosis, the combination of the fatty acids from keto coffee with the natural fats being burned in the body is enough fuel to help stave off any cravings that typically rise throughout the day.

  3. Anti-inflammatory Properties

    Many healthy fats like grass-fed butter are rich sources of Omega-3 fatty acids, which are beneficial for their anti-inflammatory properties. In fact, grass-fed butter on average has as much as 26% more omega-3 fatty acids than regular butter. This makes it a powerhouse when it comes to the anti-inflammatory benefits of keto coffee.

  4. Healthy Digestion

    Adding coconut oil in particular to keto coffee can act as a natural laxative, helping to promote overall better digestion. Coconut oil helps to lubricate the whole of the digestive system, which can promote gut health and prevent constipation.

  5. Brain Function and Memory

    While coffee alone can help with overall focus and memory, healthy oils like MCT can increase the benefits. Studies have shown that MCT oil can help to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia over time.  The oil can help to give added alertness and memory boosts.

  6. Helping Prevent Diabetes

    Coffee alone has some small ability to help prevent the development of diabetes. However, the addition of MCT oil to keto coffee takes this protection to a new level. Specifically, the multi-chain triglycerides present in MCT oil can help lower the risk of type-2 diabetes by helping overall to reduce the body’s weight and fat stores.






Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, keto coffee can be a healthy addition to any keto diet plan. The addition of healthy oils such as coconut oil, MCT oil, butter, or ghee all bring an array of unique health benefits that regular coffee along cannot provide. So the next time you go to make your morning cup of coffee, consider taking a chance and trying your own bulletproof coffee. It is sure to be a hit!


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Blender Bottle

This article will answer why a Blender Bottle can be an excellent addition to your next workout.

With seemingly endless water bottle options available on the market, it is no surprise that many gymgoers find themselves overwhelmed when it comes to selecting the perfect water bottle. This can be a particular challenge for exercisers who like to add pre- or post-workout shakes to their routine. Adding nutritional supplements, protein powders, and other thick add-ins that can easily clog up traditional water bottles. Blender Bottles have become a favorite go-to bottle, gaining a massive following since the year 2000. But what is so special about these unique bottles?

What is A Blender Bottle?

Blender Bottles are a type of specialized shaker cup that allow users to add protein powders, meal replacement powders, nutritional supplements, and other add-ins to their drinks or shakes without requiring the use of a blender or other bulky equipment. The bottles feature the patented Blender Bottle wire whisk, a stainless steel ball that mixes in add-ins with no spills or added mess. Users can then drink the blended mix out of the same bottle they mixed it in, so there are no wasteful use of multiple dishes or appliances needed to make your morning drink.


Top 5 Best Blender Bottle Models

Blender Bottles now come in a wide variety of styles.  Thus ensuring that there is a type of bottle that meets the needs of everyone. A few of the most popular models include:

  1. Classic: Available in a variety of colors ranging from clear to electric blue.  The classic design features a new, rounded base to ensure better mixing.  The Blender Bottle’s characteristic Spout Guard that keeps the bottle’s mouthpiece clean throughout all day use. This classic model comes in 20oz, 28oz, and 45oz sizes.
  2. Pro Series: Since 2016, the Blender Bottle Pro Series has featured pro-grade and top-of-the-line materials as an upgraded version of the line’s classic model. The Pro Series of Blender Bottle comes in 24oz, 28oz, and 32oz sizes.
  3. Strada: The Strada model of Blender Bottle is an insulated, stainless-steel shaker bottle that features a twist-open top. This bottle’s design ensures that it easily opens and closes without fears of spills or other messes. The Strada model comes in a 24oz size.
  4. Mantra: The Mantra model of Blender Bottle is the line’s only model with an all-glass body and spout. It comes with a twist-on cap, as well as the line’s standard Blender Ball whisk.
  5. Licensed Designs: For gymgoers looking to show off their favorite movies or characters, Blender Bottle offers a line of bottles featuring officially licensed designs. These include Harry Potter, Disney, Star Wars, Marvel, DC, and other well-known and well-loved characters.


Blender Bottles and Your Fitness Routine

Blender Bottles are an excellent addition to any fitness routine.  Especially for exercisers who are looking to add nutritional supplements or other additions to their pre- or post-workouts. In particular, Blender Bottles are useful for your fitness adventures as they assist you in:

  • Bringing your pre- or post-workout drinks on the go. One of the greatest advantages to using a Blender Bottle is no longer being tied to a traditional electric blender or other mixer.  The handheld design of the Blender Bottle lets you take your shakes with you.
  • Ensuring that every bit of your added supplements is mixed into your drink. Mixing your add-ins into your drink using other methods can easily result in improper mixing, separating, or otherwise unpleasant results that can prevent you from taking in the full benefits of your nutritional shakes. The Blender Bottle’s patented whisk helps to guarantee all your ingredients are easily mixed in your bottle.
  • Guaranteeing you are using a bottle with safe ingredients. Unfortunately many water bottles on the market use plastics and other materials that contain BPA and phthalates, toxic chemicals that can have a negative effect on your overall health. A Blender Bottle can help you avoid this, as the bottles are guaranteed to be free of these toxins and to be made of only the highest-quality materials.


Final Thoughts

No matter which style of Blender Bottle you choose, these unique bottles will elevate your fitness routine. Hopefully, this article helps you make your final Blender Bottle selection.


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Hidrate Spark 3

There are a variety of different statistics out there that claim to tell us how much water we need to drink in a day to stay healthy and hydrated. Some doctors say 64 oz, or 8 cups, is the perfect amount. Others say the number is higher – as much as 11.5 cups for adult women and 15.5 cups for adult men.


Regardless of which statistic you aim to meet, remembering to keep up with your daily water intake can be a challenge. However, new lines of innovative smart water bottles have arisen.  Unlike blender bottles, these products promise to help even the most forgetful of water drinkers to remember to meet their daily goals. But what is a smart water bottle, and which bottle do we recommend to help you meet your daily water needs?

What is a Smart Water Bottle?

Smart water bottles are new innovative takes on the classic water bottle.  They are designed to track a variety of statistics related to your overall hydration and fitness. They do this largely through Bluetooth syncing with mobile apps you can easily download on your phone, allowing you to keep track of your progress anytime, anywhere.

How Many Cups is 24 oz?

If you are looking for a quick conversion of 24 oz to cups, it would be equal to about 3 cups of water. A conversion of 24 oz to lbs. would equal about 1.5lbs.  24 oz to ml converts to 710 ml.


4 Benefits of a Smart Water Bottle

There are many reasons why these bottles have become fan favorites, but here are a few reasons why smart water bottles are a beneficial addition to your daily routine:

  • They can remind you to drink your daily intake of water. If you have a tendency to forget about your water bottle as you go about your day, these bottles are the answer. Smart bottles often have added features to gently remind you to drink up – either through the use of glow lights or by sending a notification to your phone.
  • They track your water intake. With these bottles, you no longer have to try and remember how much water you have had on a daily basis. One of the greatest benefits of these bottles is that they keep track of the total volume of liquid you have drank in a given day, even if you refill the bottle multiple times. You can even use the app to set your own daily goals for how hydrated you would like to be.
  • They can connect to your existing tech. These technologically savvy bottles generally connect to your phone or other devices via a Bluetooth connection, meaning that no special technology is required to operate them beyond common technologies that most people already have.
  • They are visible at night. One of the seldom talked about benefits of a LED water bottle is their ability to be visible even in the dimmest of light. This is because these bottles tend to be illuminated by built in LED lights, guaranteeing that you will always be able to find your bottle – whether you choose to run in the early hours of the morning or just want to keep it on your bedside table at night.


HidrateSpark 3 Berry – $59.95 from: Hidrate

Our Recommendation: Hidrate Spark 3, the Ultimate Smart Water Bottle

They Hidrate Spark 3 has quickly risen to the top of the smart water bottle market, and for good reason. Hidrate makes one of the highest quality bottles available.  Especially for people who find themselves needing consistent reminders to keep up with their hydration goals.


How Does the Hidrate Spark 3 Work?

Its built-in sensor stick allows the Hidrate Spark 3 to track your water intake. It then communicates this information via Bluetooth to the Hidrate Spark App, which users can download onto their mobile phones. As an LED water bottle, the Hidrate Spark 3 even glows gently with an ambient light.  This reinforces the need to continue drinking to meet your goals.


Is the Hidrate Spark Safe?

Absolutely! The Hidrate Spark 3 is made of a lightweight, BPA free Tritan plastic – guaranteeing that your bottle is free of these toxic chemicals. This innovative bottle is covered with a silicone sleeve to improve your grip.  Thus, reducing the risk of accidental droppage that can come from condensation on the exterior of the bottle.

Hidrate’s full line of smart bottles come in a variety of sizes. The Spark 3 model comes in a 20oz option, while other models come in sizes anywhere from 17 oz. to 24 oz. and up.


Final Thoughts

If you have a tendency to forget to drink your daily amount of water, you are not alone. But there is hope! Using a smart bottle such as these is the perfect way to nudge yourself towards meeting those important hydration goals, no matter how hectic your day-to-day life happens to be. As you make your final decision, be sure to refer back to this guide for all the helpful information you need to choose the best water bottle for you.


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Frozen Salmon in Air Fryer

We’ve all had days where you come home from work, only to realize that you forgot to take something out of the freezer to cook for dinner. Thawing food in a microwave is rarely a good option.   Microwaved food frequently dries out or is chewy. Having to order takeout last minute is expensive, and is nowhere near as healthy for your family as a home cooked meal.  So, what how quickly can you whip up that frozen salmon in air fryer.

lemon zest

Sticking to a diet is challenging. Fast food and takeout options are almost certainly a no-go for those watching their weight using methods like the keto diet, or another diet of choice. Rather than spending the money ordering takeout and disrupting your progress, why not try a recipe for salmon that does not require you to thaw the fillets in advance?


Follow along as we discuss the benefits of salmon, its usefulness for the keto diet, and give you the perfect frozen salmon recipe you can cook in your air fryer at home.


Benefits of Salmon

Salmon is considered to be one of the most nutritious foods on the planet.  Salmon is loaded with essential nutrients including a high amount of added fat or carbohydrates. In particular, salmon is a great source of selenium, phosphorus, and B vitamins. The benefits of salmon include its abundance of omega-3 fatty acids.  These fatty acids are a healthy fat that is needed for heart health.  Additionally, inclusion of fatty acids decrease inflammation throughout the body.


The nutrition figures of salmon vary somewhat between the different varieties available to most consumers. Wild-caught salmon, on average, tends to be higher in protein than farm raised salmon. On the other hand, farm raised salmon will generally contain more healthy fats and will be higher in calories – but not by much. A 3.5oz fillet of wild caught salmon will have on average around 182 calories. In comparison, there are 206 calories in farm raised salmon fillets.


Whichever option is available in the local supermarket, both farm raised and wild caught salmon are both very healthy meal choices. Not to mention, salmon is tasty and a highly versatile food that is a staple in a wide array of dishes!

Salmon and Keto Dieting

Fish in general are very keto-friendly meal options. They tend to be nearly carbohydrate-free while packing in many of the essential vitamins needed for a balanced diet. Salmon is often the best choice for keto dieters.  A 3.5oz serving of Atlantic salmon packs in 21 grams of protein, 4.4 grams of fat, and zero carbs. This makes salmon and keto go hand in hand.

Cooking Salmon in an Air Fryer

Many people would never guess that the air fryer is a perfect way to cook salmon, but it actually produces some of the most flavorful and tender salmon you can make. It is also one of the quickest ways to cook salmon at home, often taking as little as 10-15 minutes to complete. This makes air fryer salmon a quick and easy meal choice for any day of the week, especially since you don’t have to thaw your salmon fillets in advance. Just take them directly out of the freezer and use them in your recipe.

An added benefit to cooking your salmon in an air fryer is how little cleanup it takes afterwards. Air frying salmon tends to lock in all of its natural juices, meaning that few escape to make a mess of your cooking space. Trapping the juices in is what keeps the flavor and tenderness of the fish.

salmon air fryer

The Best Air Fryer Salmon Recipe

If you are ready to try your hand at cooking salmon in an air fryer, choose a recipe that packs a lot of flavor. The recipe below is for Sweet and Tangy Glazed Salmon using the air fryer, and is a quick and simple meal your family is sure to love. This salmon pairs well with other healthy dinner options, such as your favorite salad, steamed vegetables, or on top of a bed of keto-friendly pasta.

Ingredients (Makes 4 servings)

  • 4 (6-ounce) frozen salmon fillets
  • 6 tablespoons Dijon mustard
  • 4 teaspoons maple syrup or honey
  • 2 teaspoons minced garlic
  • salt and pepper to taste


  1. Preheat your air fryer to 390F for at least five minutes. While it is heating up, begin prepping your other ingredients.
  2. Add the frozen salmon fillets to the air fryer basket. Space out the fillets evenly.
  3. Cook the fillets in the heated air fryer for 7-8 minutes.
  4. In a small bowl, mix together the mustard, maple syrup (or honey), garlic, salt, and pepper. This will be the glaze for the salmon.
  5. After 7-8 minutes of cooking has happened, flip the salmon with a spatula. Brush the glaze on top of the salmon.
  6. Air fry for an additional 7-9 minutes.
  7. Before serving, brush the salmon fillets with any of the remaining glaze.

Helpful Tips

Follow these tips to ensure maximum flavor in your air fryer salmon.

  • Avoid overcooking the salmon. Salmon is one variety of fish safe to consume at a medium-rare to medium doneness. When the fillet turns white, remove it immediately from the air fryer. Leaving it in longer will dry out the fish.
  • Try to choose fillets that are the same thickness. If you cook both thick and thin fillets at the same time, the thinner fillets run the risk of being overcooked by the time the thicker ones reach completion. Aim for fillets that are fairly uniform in consistency to ensure that they all come out equally well cooked.
  • Leave the skin on your salmon. The skin forms a natural barrier that keeps moisture trapped inside the fillet and will crisp up as the salmon cooks. The skin is completely edible, so you can choose to eat it or remove it after the salmon is taken out of the air fryer.
  • If you are worried about the glaze sticking to the air fryer, you can add a small amount of foil to the bottom of the air fryer basket. Air fryers work by circulating hot air from the bottom of the fryer, so if you choose to do this be sure to use only a very small amount and don’t cover the food. However, this step is not necessary as air fryers are designed to be nonstick and easy to clean – even when dealing with sticky glazes!

Final Thoughts

Cooking salmon at home does not have to be a long and stressful process, especially with recipes like these that allow you to cook your fillets from frozen. Feel free to get creative and see what other fun ideas you can come up with to cook salmon in an air fryer for your next meal!


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Lemon Zest Substitute

lemon zest

We’ve all found ourselves in the tricky situation of trying to make a recipe and realizing last minute that we are missing a crucial ingredient. Often times, however, crafty cooks are able to substitute an alternative ingredient to make up for the missing component – often to great success. In the case of lemon zest, you can rest easy knowing that there are several common ingredients that can save the day in a pinch.

Continue reading to understand why dried lemon peels, lemon extract, lemon juice and orange or lime zest are all great lemon zest substitutes.

What is Lemon Zest?

Lemon zest is made from the yellow outer layer of a lemon’s peel.  The peel is grated to fine pieces and mixed into a variety of dishes. Lemon zest is a common ingredient in many recipes. It packs a bright and tangy lemon flavor into any meal with even the smallest amount added. In fact, lemon zest tends to have a stronger flavor than even the juice of the lemon.  Lemon zest contains many of the natural oils that give lemons their concentrated flavor.

5 Great Lemon Zest Substitutes

If you find yourself trying to make a recipe but don’t have the lemon zest you need, consider replacing it with one of the following substitutions:

  • Dried Lemon Peel: For some home cooks, dried lemon peel is a pantry staple. This ingredient is exactly what it sounds like – dried pieces of the lemon rind.  Therefore, if you happen to have dried lemon peel on hand, you can use it as a substitution for the lemon zest. Dried lemon peel tends to be strong in flavor.  Just 1/3 of what your recipe calls to avoid adding too strong of a lemon taste.
  • Lemon extract: Another easy substitution for lemon zest is lemon extract, a flavoring commonly used in desserts and other baked goods. Another strong taste, substitute a teaspoon of lemon zest for just 1/2 teaspoon of lemon extract is all it takes to add the flavor of lemon to whatever dish you choose to make.
  • Lemon juice: If you don’t have fresh lemon zest, but do happen to have bottled lemon juice in your refrigerator, you can use the juice as a substitution. For every teaspoon of lemon zest the recipe calls for, substitute two tablespoons of lemon juice. Beware of recipes with high liquid content.  Lemon juice will increase the overall moisture of your dish and possibly alter flavor.
  • Orange or Lime Zest: In a pinch, the zest of an orange or a lime can replace lemon zest in most recipes. It will give your food the subtle flavor of whichever fruit you choose, so bear this in mind as you make your selection. However, in most cases the zest of any common citrus fruit will act as a suitable stand in for lemon zest.


If running out of lemon zest leaves a sour taste in your mouth, don’t panic. Simply check to see if you have one of these common lemon zest substitutes in your pantry or refrigerator. After that, just sit back and enjoy your tasty creation!


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Infinity Hoop

The infinity hoop is currently an internet sensation as one of the most versatile workout tools. It is fun, easy to use, and the fact that one can use it in the comfort of their home; makes it even more convenient. However, the big question is, does the infinity hoop work, and what kind of workout can one use it for? Well, the answer is yes! This hula hoop does its job, and we are going to provide all the details about the infinity hoop, plus the kind of workouts you can perform with it.

What is the Infinity Hoop?

Also referred to as an intelligent hula hoop, this is a weighted hula hoop that works like the standard hoops, but this model is more advanced. In terms of the design, this weighted hula hoop comes in pieces that you have to join together to get the right fit for your waist size. The infinity hoop is meant to fit almost firmly around the waist for more comfort when working out.

Therefore, it is recommended that you measure your waist area before connecting the pieces to ensure you get the perfect fit. I want to outline the hoop with a weight attached to it that rotates as you move your waist to add a bit of resistance when working out.

What’s In the Infinity Hoop Package?

  • The package consists of 1 infinity hoop (they come in pieces to join to your waist size)
  • One weighted ball, in most cases, filled with sand
  • A plastic tray
  • A paper insert and a silicone cover

6 Benefits of Using The Infinity Hoop

infinity hoop

1. Give Quicker Results

Apart from using it for standard hula hoop exercises, the weighted hula hoops are added more weight, hence providing more resistance in your workout. People tend to get quicker results than when working out with the other hoops. Also, this infinity hoop is recommended to be used for 30 seconds and in 30 days to give the expected results.

2. Burn Calories

Probably one of the significant benefits this hoop is famous for is that it can help you lose weight. It supports cardio workouts such that using it for 30 minutes per session; you get to burn up to 210 calories. Imagine using it twice a day and every day; you get to lose a lot of calories which results in weight loss.

3. Body Toning

This is also a great workout tool to help you tone significant body parts. The infinity hoop involves using the core, which in return helps create muscles around the waist for perfect toning. It also engages the lower body parts so that you will tighten the glutes, hamstrings, and butt areas. To engage more of the lower body parts, consider standing with one foot in front or slightly bending your legs when working out with the hoop.

4. Full-body cardio

It all depends on how you use the weighted hoop for full-body workouts. First off, it fits perfectly on the waist, so you can hoop with it while jumping at the area you are working out. The hula hoop comes with a weight filled with sand to add some weight to challenge your body.  You need to ensure you position your body in a good balance, which involves using the lower body parts. Lastly, you have to engage your core for better hooping. Therefore, this is a hoop you can use to exercise your entire body.

5. Pre Workout Warm-Up

This weighted hoop is excellent if you are looking for a better way to warm up your body before embarking on vigorous cardio workouts. It engages the better part of your body that will get your muscles” woken” and ready for other cardio.

6. They are fun

I can say the weighted hoop is more fun as you don’t need to keep on positioning it around the waist. As we had mentioned, the infinity hoop is meant to fit around the waist, which means it does not fall off as you work out with it.

3 Weighted Hula Hoop Exercises


1. Front and Back Hula Hoop Rock

This is technically where you work out with the hoop by moving your body front and back.

  • Stand with either of the legs in front (you can start with the left or right foot)
  • Then position the weight ball on the side where you placed the foot front.
  • Then start gently to rock your body around while rocking it back and vice versa. Do 15 reps on one side and then interchange the legs and the ball starting point.

2. Side By Side Hula Hoop (Traditional)

This workout targets the core to either tighten it or create muscles around the waist.  It is also a more comfortable workout since you perform it with your legs in the same position.

  • Stand with your legs apart.
  • Position the weighted ball on either side and then begin to rotate your waist circularly. Repeat this for 15 reps and then interchange rotation from the other side.
  • One point to note is that you should always interchange both sides to ensure equal workout results.

3. Arm Swing Hula

This is a workout that targets both lower and upper body parts.

  • You ought to stand with your legs apart and stretch your hands as far as you can
  • Then swing starting from either side while swinging your hands back and forth in a rotation motion.
  • Repeat the same on the other side.

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Goli Ashwagandha Gummies Review

Sourced from central and north India, Ashwagandha is one of the most important herbs in Ayurveda, a traditional form of Indian medicine. Today, almost everyone suffers from some degree of stress.  Consuming a cup of Ashwagandha tea or by taking Goli ashwaganda gummies twice a day could return your body to a more balanced state.  Ashwagandha can help you reduce stress, sleep better and lead a more productive life. When we examine the other health benefits like cardiovascular and joint health, it is important to learn as much as we can about this remarkable plant.

Health Benefits of Ashwagandha

Used as a medical treatment in India for thousands of years, Ashwagandha has amazing properties.  Can I take Ashwagandha daily? would not be a question asked in India. They use it to increase their energy levels and to manage stress. In India, the plant is commonly called Indian Ginseng.  Everyone who lives there understands the benefits of taking it and they consume it much like western culture might take a daily vitamin. However, Ashwagandha appears to have a lot more benefits than a vitamin because of its adaptogenic properties.

Ashwagandha is one of the main herbs used in Ayurveda, a traditional form of medicine based on Indian principles of natural healing.  For thousands of years, the plan was used to relieve stress and improve concentration. The Botanical name is Withania Somnifera or Indian ginseng.

The plant is a small shrub with yellow flowers and is native to India and Southeast Asia. It is classified as an adaptogen, and because it is 100% natural it is safe to take.  Ashwagandha is commonly used to cure sleep disorders, and induce good quality sleep in people suffering from Insomnia.

Goli Ashwagandha Gummies

How to Take Ashwagandha

The way Ashwagandha works on our body is quite complex.  When a recent trial was conducted pre and post-Ashwagandha, stress hormone cortisol levels were considerably lower than the pre-trial levels. While in the placebo group nothing had changed, this result indicated that Ashwagandha really seemed to work in reducing stress. The sleep benefits seem to be a side effect of adaptogens.  However, further studies are required.

Adaptogens return the body to balance by managing stressors, often people who don’t sleep well have an underlying long-term stress condition.

To do this, the plants must have three properties and they are.

  • It is non-toxic when taken correctly
  • Enables stress coping mechanisms to take over.
  • Balances your body

Ashwagandha is consumed in either a tea or gummy form. Both are good ways to introduce into your daily diet.   If you don’t drink tea, sprinkle the powder directly onto your breakfast cereal, and eat it every morning. Be careful not to expose it to too much heat as this can destroy the health benefits.

Can I Take Goli Ashwagandha Gummies Daily?

Yes, you can consume Goli Ashwagandha gummies every day.  Multiple smaller doses of ashwagandha are better for the body than a single, larger dose.  Because of its potency, the body can better digest the smaller doses.  Pregnant women should not take it, as there is no safe dose for pregnancy. Trials are continuing into the benefits of Ashwagandha and already there are some evidence-based health outcomes that you may need to be aware of before commencing use.

7 Benefits of Ashwagandha

Goli Ashwagandha Gummies

        1. Relieves stress and anxiety, and benefits from a restful sleep.
    1. Appears to lower blood sugar levels, and lowers triglycerides.
    2. Increases muscle size and strength, and actually may lower body fat levels
    3. Improves sexual function in women. This would appear to be difficult to measure. Is it due to the reduction in stress?
    4. Sharpens memory and appears to improve cognitive function. Psychomotor testing showed quicker response times, and better attention span.
    5. Boosts fertility and provides reproductive benefits for men. When administered to infertile men, Ashwagandha increased sperm motility.  Subsequently. an increase in successful conception rates where conception had proved difficult in the past resulted.
    6. As an antioxidant, it may lower inflammation in the body. This reduces arthritic pain and joint problems. Inflammation also occurs in the brain leading to dementia and the health benefits of Ashwagandha have already shown the herb to sharpen memory.

Ashwagandha and the Body

Studies suggest that taking Ashwagandha every day could have a positive effect on the cardiovascular system leading to an improvement in heart health, and ultimately could reduce blood pressure. People on blood pressure medication should consult their doctor before consuming Ashwagandha.

The anti-inflammatory properties relieve the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis and other joint pains, making it more comfortable for people with joint problems to move around.

Adaptogenic Properties

We are still learning the health value of adaptogens. The Chinese have been using them with some success for a number of years.   For example, Chinese athletes used the Cordyceps mushroom, an adaptogen, during the 1993 Olympic Games.  The world was shocked by the incredible performance of the Women’s Olympic Team.  The surprise quickly lead to accusations of illegal drug use. However, the team said success is attributed to the Cordyceps mushroom.  And, the ability of the athletes to recover after training was due to adaptogenic properties in the plant.

To help bolster the argument, proponents pointed to the Reishi mushroom.  The Reishi mushroom also has adaptogenic benefits, which enable racehorses to manage stress better. Reishi makes the horse easier to train, and also gives the horse the physical benefits of being less stressed when racing. Adaptogens are non-toxic plants, marketed to help the body resist different stressors, chemical and physical. Now that we realize the Adaptogenic properties of Ashwagandha, we can understand what it potentially can deliver as natural medicine.  Western society may be missing out on the benefits of traditional medicines by not accepting the evidence sooner.


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Is Ghee Dairy Free?

Is Ghee Dairy Free?

People who have digestive woes frequently steer clear of dairy. The reality is that ghee is not dairy-free. Despite that, it may be suitable for individuals who are lactose-intolerant  (and great for those on restrictive diets). Why exactly is that, anyway? Ghee has insignificant amounts of both casein and lactose. Casein is a kind of milk protein. Ghee is similar to butter in that it has limited amounts of both.  If you’re allergic to casein, you should stay away from butter and ghee alike. Consuming either of these things may make you susceptible to the dangers of cross-contamination.

What Is Ghee Butter?

If you’ve paid any attention to the health and food scenes in recent years, you may be familiar with the term “ghee better.” You may not necessarily be able to define it on your own, however. Ghee butter, in a nutshell, is a type of butter that’s clarified. It undergoes extensive heating. Ghee butter producers, as a result, are able to extract lingering amounts of caramelized milk solids and water. This presents them with the “ghee.” This is fat that’s dense and highly concentrated.

If you churn either cream or milk for a significant stretch of time, it will split up into two distinct things. These things are buttermilk and butterfat. The former is a liquid. The latter is a solid. The idea behind ghee is basically to make this concept even more extensive.

Ghee is nothing new. It’s actually been a culinary staple in East Asia and India for hundreds of years. People appreciate it thanks to its taste. They often say that its flavor beats butter in the nuttiness department. They often say that its flavor beats butter in depth, too.

ghee dairy free

4 Benefits of Ghee

People appreciate ghee for many reasons. As indicated previously, it’s known for having aIt also brings some health advantages to the equation.

1. Pleasant Taste

While there is little dairy in ghee, most people still think the product tastes good.  Depending how you cook it and what the recipe calls for, you may never even know the food doesn’t contain real butter.

2. Vitamin Rich

Ghee is brimming with vitamin D, vitamin E and vitamin A. These things can all enhance immunity greatly. Beyond that, they can even be beneficial for the complexion. If you long for skin that’s smooth, soft and luminous, then introducing some ghee butter to your diet may work out in your favor.

3. Better Gut Health

Don’t forget, either, that ghee has butyric acid. This is a kind of short-chain fatty acid that can strengthen digestive wellness. It can even minimize inflammation within your gastrointestinal tract. If you want to consume something that’s got lots of vitamins that are fat-soluble, it may be time for you to zero in on ghee butter.

4. Great for Heating with Food

There is another thing that makes ghee so enticing to health-conscious folks out there. If you’re interested in ghee and fitness diets, then you should think about its widely known high smoke point. The term “smoke point” refers to the phase in which fat or oil commence deconstruction. It refers to the phase in which fat or oil smoke during heating. This is the time that free radicals develop. Free radicals bring on oxidative stress inside of the body. A reduced smoke point makes fat or oil less optimal for cooking applications. That’s due to the fact that reduced smoke points are associated with the emergence of free radicals.

Is Ghee Right for You?

There are many people who have concerns that involve dairy consumption. That’s why it isn’t uncommon to hear people talking about steering clear of any and all dairy items.  These individuals may be able to handle ghee butter more effectively. Note, though, that they may be able to handle butter overall, too. That’s thanks to the previously mentioned fact that butter just doesn’t have a lot of casein or lactose.

Many individuals out there have bodies that just do not react well to dairy intake. If you’re a part of that category, then you should test ghee out prior to determining whether it deserves a spot in your diet. Remember, too, that ghee is produced using butter. If you’re vegan, then you’ll have to search for a different fat substitute that doesn’t include any dairy whatsoever. Examples of these substitutes are extra virgin olive oil, avocado oil and, finally, coconut oil.

Be sure to learn about ghee prior to making it a staple in your meals.


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Adjustable Kettlebell – Kettlebell Deadlift

Want a way to achieve an all-in-one exercise that’s simple and easy? Consider adding a traditional or adjustable kettlebell to your list of go-to exercises! Kettlebells may seem a bit daunting to use at first, but by taking the time to learn some classic kettlebell exercises you too can become an expert in no time.


This article will provide everything you need to know to understand kettlebells, especially when it comes to the exact exercises you should be doing as part of your regular exercise routine.

What is a Kettlebell?

Kettlebells are one of the most efficient weight training tools available. More specifically, however, kettlebells are a unique type of exercise weight that resembles a cannonball-like sphere topped with a sturdy cast-iron handle for gripping. The size of the “cannonball” will vary according to how much the kettlebell weighs. Their unique design makes kettlebells far easier to use than traditional dumbbells or barbells, and they are portable and easily stored even in your own home.


What is an Adjustable Kettlebell?

Traditional kettlebells may be useful for exercise, but some innovative companies like Kettlebell Kings have begun developing adjustable kettlebells as a new take on this classic equipment. Where traditional kettlebells can only be used for whatever weight they are crafted at, adjustable kettlebells come with separate weights that can be added or removed from the bell. This gives you the option to adjust the overall weight of the kettlebell, without having to have multiple bells in your space.


7 Best Kettlebell Exercises

Done correctly, kettlebells can help you to get a full body workout at the gym or in the comfort of your own home. Consider incorporating the following exercises into your next exercise routine:

adjustable kettlebell

Kettlebell Swing

This exercise is one that is very beginner-friendly. To begin, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and place the kettlebell on the ground in front of you. With your knees bent slightly, reach down with straight arms and grab the kettlebell. Swing the kettlebell backwards between your legs, before bringing it in an upward motion as you shift into an upright standing position.

Kettlebell Deadlifts

To properly do kettlebell deadlifts, start by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart. Place the adjustable kettlebell on the ground directly between your feet, in line with your ankles. Keeping your arms straight but gently bending your knees, reach down to grasp the handle with both hands. Your butt should move backwards as you do this. Keeping your arms tucked close to your body, move into an upright position holding the kettlebell.

Kettlebell Squats

To properly do kettlebell squats, start by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart. Be sure to turn the toes slightly outward. Hold the Kettlebell with both hands, up at the level of your chest. Then, bend your knees until you are down in a low squat – the same type of movement you would make if you were sitting down into a chair. Then, return to an upright position.

Kettlebell Squats (Goblet-style)

This modified version of a kettlebell squat starts with standing upright, feet spread shoulder-width apart. Hold the kettlebell with both hands in front of your chest, right below your chin. Push your hips back as you squad down as low as you possibly can. Then return to the upright position. Keep the kettlebell in the same place throughout this movement, almost like you are holding a goblet of wine you don’t want to spill as you squat down.

Kettlebell Press

For an arms-only workout, try the kettlebell press. With this exercise, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and hold the kettlebell in one hand. Bring it up to shoulder-level, and flip the bottom of the bell upward so that the handle is underneath the spherical end. Holding the handle tightly (so you don’t drop it on your head), press the kettlebell straight upward until your arm is fully extended and your elbow is by your ear. Slowly bring it down to the lower position. Be sure to do this exercise with the opposite arm as well.

Kettlebell Step-Up

This exercise requires you to have access to a sturdy bench or box that can hold the combined weight of you and your kettlebell. To do the kettlebell step-up, hold the weight directly in front of your chest. Then, leading with your left leg step up onto your bench or box, before coming back down and repeating the process. Repeat this process, leading with your right leg instead.

Kettlebell Carry

One of the simplest, and therefore most underrated, exercises to do with a kettlebell is the kettlebell carry. Simply hold the kettlebell in one hand, with your back straight and as upright as possible. Begin walking back and forth in a straight line, being careful to keep the arm close to but not touching the side of your body. Repeat this exercise with the opposite arm as well.


Are Are Adjustable Kettlebells Safe To Use?

Generally speaking – yes. Kettlebells are as safe as any other type of exercise weight you may choose to use.

Beginners to exercising with kettlebells should be sure to start slowly and build their way up. Even if you are used to exercising with heavier weights, a gradual buildup is still important so that you can learn the proper techniques to handle these weights. The exercises done with kettlebells tend to shift your center of gravity, which can throw you off balance if you are not quite use to the change.

Final Thought

As with any weights, the safest way to use kettlebells is to lift with the legs and not the back. Lifting incorrectly puts you at high risk of pulling or otherwise injuring the muscles in your back. Be sure to not overdo it, and only use the weights that you can comfortably use without overtaxing yourself. Too heavy of weights can lead to pulled muscles, or accidentally dropping the weight on yourself or someone else.

If ever you have concerns about the safety of a particular form of exercise, discuss the concerns with your doctor or another medical professional. If you haven’t realized by now, kettlebells are the perfect exercise tool to work every muscle you have with relative ease. Next time you go to the gym, be sure to refer back to this page for the full list of everything you should be doing with your trusty kettlebell!


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