Core De Force

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Core de Force is a new workout program designed by fitness trainers Jericho and Joel. This program is outstanding and has modern features compared to the previous Beachbody programs.

The new workout program has intelligently combined a series of kickboxing style moves and martial arts. The program can effectively help you shed fat and lose weight within one month.

The program is defined as an MMA-style series of workout routines or workout videos designed by Beachbody. You can effectively do the exercises at home.

The program has 11 outstanding routines designed to help you burn fat, shed belly fat, and build muscle. Remember that the stomach is a very problematic area and is typically the last place to shed fat. The workout routines in this program contain high-intensity exercises that are designed to target your abdominal muscles and achieve a lean muscle.

Core de Force Review

When engaging in these exercises, ensure that you have a yoga mat. In general, you require an average of 5 inches by 8 inches space to perform these workouts. The area should be adequate to perform all the workout program exercises.

The most remarkable thing about this workout program is that it combines the expertise of two super trainers. Jericho is a famous redhead who kicks butt in these workouts. She holds various Personal Training Certifications. She has a decade of experience and has traveled around the world educating various instructors. On the other hand, Joel is a certified personal trainer who has been helping people transform people’s bodies for over 15 years.

Thus you will get trained by professionals and effectively lose weight within a short period. The workouts in this program range from 21-47 minutes.

Who can Effectively Use the Program?

The workouts are designed for beginners and even experienced people. Everyone should effectively use the program if they want to achieve the following goals:

  • Lose weight
  • Lose fat belly
  • Achieve a lean and toned muscle
  • Learn about mixed martial arts
  • Indulge in high-intensity workouts
  • Use your body as resistance and workout

It is imperative to note that the program is for women and men of all ages interested in losing weight and achieving the perfect body. However, since the exercises are high impact, the workouts are not recommended for pregnant women or people with knee or joint problems.

How Long are Core De Force Workouts?

The workout program is a 30-day exercise routine, and each workout lasts for an average of 30-45 minutes. Ideally, you will require to work out six days a week as the seventh day is scheduled for active recovery.

Core de Force Calendar

There are three main types of workouts in these programs, and they include:

  • Cardio-Muay Thai, boxing, and kickboxing
  • Strength-bodyweight training
  • Recovery-active recovery and workout relief

The program has an average of MMA workouts, and they include

  • Speed (MMA)-27 minutes(6 rounds)
  • Shred (MMA)-37 minutes (9 rounds)
  • Power (MMA)-47 minutes(9 rounds)
  • Plyo (MMA)-47 minutes (12 rounds)


What is Included in the Workout Program?

The program was initially on a DVD, but now it is available on the Beachbody on Demand for streaming. The workout program is very easy to understand and follow. When you stream the program with Beachbody on Demand, you get access to the following:

  • The program workouts
  • A beginners guide
  • Food tracker and eating plan
  • The one-month workout calendar
  • Deluxe and hybrid calendar
  • Online support
  • Other Beachbody programs

When Will I See Core de Force Results?

It is imperative to note that everyone will see results simultaneously, and there is no specific schedule. Primarily, it depends on your effort and consistency in the program. You should ensure that you adhere to the 30 days training schedule for effective results. Remember that the program combines a very intense exercise routine and a healthy diet to achieve effective results. If you stick to the program, you can effectively lose an average of 2 pounds in one week.

Key Takeaway

The above Core de Force reviews should help you understand the workout program and enroll. Remember that the workouts are quite intense, and you need the persistence to achieve positive results. You must also ensure you eat a healthy diet for efficient results. The program is designed for both women and men.


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